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Product information "KOMPBERG®️ BSDF90 Screw Compressor "

Monitoring and supervising of individual compressor

MS Connect provides the remote work monitoring, supervision and changing of the basic operating parameters of the screw compressor equipped with the Siemens controller. Software is designed for installation on PCs of people responsible for maintaining work continuity and managing the operation of compressors.

Technical data "KOMPBERG®️ BSDF90 Screw Compressor "
Screw compressor with frequency converter BSDF 90
Overpressure [bar] - options 7,5 /10 /13
Variable capacity:  
Capacity min-max [m3/m] [ 7,5 bar ] 4.6 - 16.2
Capacity min-max [m3/m] [ 10 bar ] 4.6 - 13.6
Capacity min-max [m3/m] [ 13 bar ] 3.4 - 11.4
Dimension (LxWxH) [mm] 2550 x 1485 x 2130
Compressed air connection G 2
Weight [kg] 2400
Ambient temperature [°C] +5 - +40
Cooling air demand [m³/h] 13800
Compressed air temperature on the outlet [°C] approx.10 degrees above ambient temperature
Sound level L [dB(A)] 83
Power transmission system direct drive
Nominal motor power [kW] 90
Nominal fan motor power [kW] 5.5
Motor IP Code IP55
Feed voltage [V] 400
Recommended power feed cable [mm2 ] 3x95+PE
Protection fuse [A] 200
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DRYBERG®️ RF19/AC Refrigeration dryer
Refrigeration dryer DRYBERG®️ RF19/AC equals to DRYPOINT®️ RA1080/AC Function description Operating principle – All dryer models described in this manual function according to the same principle. The hot and moisture-loaded air is led into an air/air heat exchanger. Afterwards, the air flows through an evaporator, which is also known as an air/refrigerant heat exchanger. The air temperature is reduced to approximately 2°C, so that water vapour condenses to liquid. The continuously accumulating condensate is collected in the separator to be discharged via the condensate drain. Subsequently, the cold and dry air is led through the air/air heat exchanger, so that it is reheated to up to 8°C below the inlet temperature when leaving the dryer. Refrigeration cycle – The refrigerant is conducted through the compressor and reaches a condenser under high pressure. There, cooling-down takes place, making the refrigerant condense to a liquid state which is under high pressure. The liquid is pressed through a capillary tube where the resulting pressure drop ensures that the refrigerant evaporates at a defined temperature. The liquid refrigerant which is under low pressure is led into the heat exchanger, where it expands. The cold resulting from the expansion serves to cool down the compressed air in the heat exchanger. During this process, the refrigerant evaporates. The low-pressure gas is resupplied to the compressor, where it is compressed again. It then re-enters the cycle. In phases of a reduced compressed-air load, the excess refrigerant is resupplied automatically to the compressor via the hot gas bypass valve.

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BEKOMAT® 20, BEKO condensate drain
BEKOMAT® Voltage: 24 VAC ± 10%, 50 - 60 Hz
BEKO condensate drain BEKOMAT® 20BEKOMAT® 20 | 20FM for Filters and water separators The BEKOMAT 20 is a strong condensate drain designed for use in water separators and air filters. It is suitable for oil-lubricated plants as well as oil-free compressors. The control panel is accessible from the top and the front. It has a plastic housing with integrated aluminum condensate container. The BEKOMAT 20 FM with integrated filter management is a cost effective monitoring solution for the service filters element. Here are some advantages and uses of the BEKOMAT 20: Efficient condensate drainage: The BEKOMAT 20 is designed to effectively remove condensate from compressed air systems, ensuring optimal performance and preventing damage to downstream equipment. Energy-saving: The unit operates based on demand, meaning it only activates when condensate needs to be drained, helping to reduce energy consumption. Easy maintenance: The BEKOMAT 20 is designed for easy installation and maintenance, making it user-friendly for operators. Reliable operation: Beko Technologies is known for producing high-quality products, and the BEKOMAT 20 is no exception, offering reliable performance in industrial applications.  BEKOMAT 20 Applications:Industrial compressed air systems: The BEKOMAT 20 is commonly used in industrial settings where compressed air is a critical component of operations, such as manufacturing plants, automotive facilities, and food processing plants. Air compressors: The unit can be installed in conjunction with air compressors to ensure efficient condensate removal and protect the integrity of the compressed air system. Pneumatic tools and equipment: The BEKOMAT 20 can help maintain the performance and longevity of pneumatic tools and equipment by preventing moisture buildup in the air supply. Overall, the BEKOMAT 20 is a reliable and efficient condensate drain unit that offers several advantages in maintaining the performance of compressed air systems.

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PUREBERG® F20(Type)W Compressed air filter, 1176 Nm3/h at 7 bar
Filter type: General
Compressed air filter PUREBERG® F20(Type)W ,1176 Nm3/h at 7 bar General filter, Fine filter, Superfine filter, Activated carbon filter Innovative features mean outstanding performance without compromise  Compressed air filter PURBERG® housings have been developed for high-efficiency removal of solid particles, water, oil aerosols, hydrocarbons, odour vapours from com­pressed air systems. To meet the required com­pressed air quality appropriate filter element (G, F, S, A) must be installed into the filter housing. Housing prevents condensate from being picked up and "car­ried over" into the airstream. The BERG compressed air filter technolo­gy guarantees low operating costs, long service life, outstanding process reliability, and safe filtration.

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PUREBERG® F24WW Water separator, 1440m3/h@7bar
Optimize Operations: PUREBERG F24WW Water Separator Solution A water separator, also called a condensate separator, is a device that removes moisture and water from an air flow. In the area of air compressors and compressed air systems, the water separator is important to ensure that the air remains dry. Moisture in the compressed air can otherwise lead to problems such as rust, blocked lines and damage to machines. The water separator PUREBERG® F24WW, (1440 m3/h at 7 bar) is a widely used example in the industry. The water separator works through various mechanisms to separate the condensate from the air. In most cases it uses centrifugal force or gravity to remove the water from the airflow. As the moist air flows through the separator, the water droplets are pulled out of the air by these forces and collect at the bottom of the separator. From there, the accumulated water can be removed from the system either manually or automatically. There are different types of water separators, including condensate separators for air compressors, compressed air lines or industrial applications. Choosing the right water separator for the device depends on various factors. These include: flow rate, pressure, ambient temperature and the specific requirements of the program. In summary, the water separator is very important in compressed air systems. It helps make the air cleaner, improve operations and make machines last longer. How often should water separators PUREBERG FWW be cleaned? The frequency of cleaning water separators like the PUREBERG FWW will depend on several factors, including the operating conditions of your compressed air system, the level of contaminants in the air, and the manufacturer's recommendations. However, as a general guideline, it is typically recommended to clean water separators at least once every 3 to 6 months. Regular cleaning of water separators is essential to ensure their optimal performance and efficiency in removing moisture and contaminants from the compressed air. Accumulated dirt, debris, and moisture can impair the functionality of the separator, leading to reduced air quality, increased energy consumption, and potential damage to downstream equipment.  When cleaning a water separator like the PUREBERG FWW, follow these steps: Shut down the compressed air system: Before starting the cleaning process, make sure to shut down the compressed air system and depressurize the lines to prevent any accidents or injuries. Remove the water separator: Carefully disconnect the water separator from the compressed air system according to the manufacturer's instructions. This may involve loosening fittings, disconnecting hoses, or removing mounting brackets. Inspect and clean the separator: Inspect the interior of the water separator for any dirt, debris, or moisture buildup. Use a soft brush, cloth, or compressed air to remove any contaminants from the separator's components, such as the filter element or drain valve. Check for damage: While cleaning the water separator, inspect it for any signs of damage, such as cracks, leaks, or corrosion. Replace any damaged parts to ensure the separator functions properly. Reassemble and reinstall: Once the water separator is clean and free of debris, reassemble it according to the manufacturer's instructions. Reinstall the separator back into the compressed air system and secure it in place. Test the system: After cleaning and reinstallation, test the compressed air system to ensure that the water separator is functioning correctly and effectively removing moisture from the air. By following these steps and cleaning your water separators like the PUREBERG FWW on a regular basis, you can maintain the efficiency and performance of your compressed air system and prolong the lifespan of the equipment.

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QWIK-PURE® 60, Oil water separator
QWIK-PURE ® Extremely flexible and future-proof The integrated Modbus interface enables integration into higher-level monitoring and control systems and provides additional future-proofing thanks to its IIOT capability. A modular concept allows the number of cartridges to be flexibly adjusted to individual requirements, with up to 6 cartridges per system. This ensures optimal condensate treatment for all applications, with a quick change time of under 10 minutes, supported by the optimized guided service flow for clean cartridge changes.

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KOMPBERG® BSDF22 Screw Compressor
BERG MASTER CONTROLLER FOR GROUP OF SCREW COMPRESSORS BERG MASTER CONTROLLER Additional feature of the RC-S series master controllers that provides to duplicate the operator panel onto a PC or mobile devices. this feature can be implemented in both new controllers and the controllers that are already used to control a specific group of compressors. Master control unit RC is responsible for : Control of the start and stop system of the compressors installed in one compressed air network, Monitoring and ensuring correct pressure in the system, Optimum load distribution between individual compressors, Possibility of selecting the leading compressor, Setting pressure start and stop thresholds, Entering the parameters of the system regulation, Collection of information from the supervised system and its processing, and all signalling (in RC-S) Remote monitoring of the supervised system status by means of the installed interface operated in the web browser or/and by means of the Modbus TCP communication protocol (in Modbus RTU option via RS485),(in RC-S). The use of the RC- control unit of the compressor group eliminates the necessity of the machine operator intervention into settings and enables equal load distribution between compressors. Control of the screw compressor group is possible in the Sequence or cascade mode. √ The sequence control is recommended for the compressors of comparable size. Their operation time is usually equalized. √ The cascade control is dedicated to the machines of different sizes, where the one operates in a continuous way and the others operate only during peak demands for compressed air. 

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KOMPBERG® BSDF30 Screw Compressor
Why frequency control? Energy savings almost up to 35% Low fatigue and low depreciation Print optimization Reduction of discharge losses Lower power consumption leads to reduced CO2

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KOMPBERG® BSDF37 Screw Compressor
KOMPBERG®️ made from different effective parts> Large convenient and removable doors are fitted as standard on BERG Screw compressors and the housing provides adequate space for the convenient layout of the components. Reliable Direct drive, heavy-duty and consistently efficient. BERG design principles prevent reduced output and premature wear in this essential drive component. using the famous German components as well as high quality German filters, Siemens electromotor and controller.

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KOMPBERG® BSDF45 Screw Compressor
All Our Compressors are equiped as Direct Drive Drive 1:1 means that the Airend and motor are directly connected. This means that there are no transmission losses. BERG’s direct drive screw compressors deliver outstanding performance and make possible great savings in energy. The drive motor and the air end in one-to-one drive series compressors are designed to operate at the same low speed. This enables the drive and compression units to be linked via a maintenance-free coupling which avoids the transmission losses with gear-driven units. our direct drive compressor reduces the number of components needed in comparison with gear drive, significantly increasing reliability and service life. Sound levels are also considerably lower. The airend in each KOMPBERG®️ BSD model is designed to specifically match air demand and ensures outstanding efficiency through the low-speed operation.

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KOMPBERG® BSDF55 Screw Compressor
All Our Compressors are equiped as Direct Drive BERG has 1:1 direct drive screw compressors that named KOMPBERG®️ BSD series. An innovative, user-friendly concept totally geared to performance and economy.

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KOMPBERG®️ BSDF75 Screw Compressor
Screw Compressor KOMPBERG® BSDF75 Oil-injected screw compressors incorporate oil for lubrication and sealing purposes, ensuring smooth operation and prolonging equipment lifespan. Integrated refrigeration dryers are often included in screw compressor systems to eliminate moisture from compressed air, safeguarding against corrosion and maintaining air quality. Screw compressors are widely recognized for their exceptional efficiency, offering high compression ratios and minimal energy wastage. They typically operate within a pressure range of 7 to 13 bar, suitable for diverse industrial applications.These compressors are eligible for subsidies or incentives through programs like BAFA, which promotes energy efficiency and environmental protection. With features such as low operating costs, easy handling, and minimal energy consumption, screw compressors are favored in various industries for their reliability and cost-effectiveness. screw compressor KOMPBERG Centrifugal fan The high-efficiency fan with a higher compression ratio ensures effective cooling throughout the entire compressor operation time. High compression ratio ensures an appropriate, even flow of sucked ambient air, through the cooler, also in the case of cooler fouling. Centrifugal fan is driven by low-speed electrical motor, which considerably influences the compressor noise level.

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KOMPBERG®️ BSDF110 Screw Compressor
KOMPBERG®️ BSDF Description Frequency Control series compressors from BERG are exceptionally efficient variable speed screw compressors with Siemens inverter as well as energy-saving Siemens Controller provide outstanding performance throughout the entire control range.All BSDF Compressors model is capable of 100 % duty cycles without any additional maintenance required.These screw-type compressors have High economic efficiency, long service life, simple and cost-effective maintenance.

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KOMPBERG®️ BSDF132 Screw Compressor
Ultimate Efficiency with Our BSDF Ultimate Efficiency with our BSDF significantly increases reliability and service life, Direct drive reduces the number of components needed and eliminates the associated transmission losses. Sound levels are also considerably lower. Operation safety The frequency inverter is located in the separate and effectively cooled switchgear, which ensures good ventilation and protection against an influence of heat emitted by the compression module operation.

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KOMPBERG®️ BSDF160 Screw Compressor
KOMPBERG®️ BSDF Advantages - Compact Airends eliminating pipework and links with known sources of problems. - Efficient noise-insulated canopy and multiple anti-vibration mountings for minimization of noise and vibration levels. - Door panels are easily removed allowing ease of access to the individual components for servicing. - Use of standard components and maintaining high-quality standards and offering flexibility in the event of faults.

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KOMPBERG®️ BSDF200 Screw Compressor
We use the reliable supplier for inverters: SIEMENS Inverters have been amazingly reliable workhorses for over 25 years and no competitor drive boast a track record like that. The siemens inverters are microprocessor-controlled and use state-of-the-art Insulated Gate Bipolar transistor (IGBT) technology. This makes them reliable and versatile.   Even higher saving faster return on investment Higher motor efficiency up to 70%, further reduce the peripheral equipment losses connected with compressed air production Depreciation even in 4 months(in continuous running), and on average within 9 months from purchase A 1000 series inverter Asynchronous motor with the highest efficiency IE4 class Even higher environmental protection

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KOMPBERG®️ BSDF250 Screw Compressor
BERG CONTROLLER BERG CONTROLLER (SIEMENS controllers) is mostly supplying for BERG based on the modern technologies (microprocessor with the Cortex core), meet the recent industrial requirements with simultaneous minimum power consumption and correct, failure-free compressor operation. Easy to read display, information diodes and clear keyboard provide easy and fast configuration of operating parameters, diagnosis of the compressor operation state, as well as an operation mode selection. THE LEDS ON THE CONTROLLER INFORM THE OPERATING PERSONNEL ABOUT: Compressor operation mode, Motor operation status, Occurrence of any events User friendly world wide

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