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Air-separation and Compressed-air Competence

Air-separation and Compressed-airCompetence in the variation industry such as food and beverages, pharmaceutical industry, electronics, medical technology and hospital, chemistry, automotive industry and mechanical engineering demands high quality, efficiency and process reliability compressed air.
Air-separation and Compressed-air Competence There are special cleanliness classes for compressed air quality as well as industry-specific standards, laws and guidelines that must be observed. Our experts about all the compressors, Dryers, O2 and N2 Plants and ... have the industrial knowledge and would be happy to support you in the analysis, design, implementation and commissioning of your compressed air system and in maintenance.


BERG Kompressoren GmbH

The loyal and reliable German company

BERG develops, manufactures, and sells compressors and air separation systems worldwide for optimized compressed air quality. BERG Kompressoren GmbH has developed, Design and distributed high-quality, efficient and cost-effective components and systems for compressed air technology, Nitrogen and Oxygen Generators as well as Competent advice, professional training, and qualified service.
We are known for a fast growing and more creative family business.
Our air compressor systems are used for all industrial applications. We are well known for oil-free compressors and air treatment as well as O2, N2 Genarators.
We also provide the best sulotions for Air-treatment demand in industrial factory such as BEKOMAT, Dryers, Water seprators and all types of filters and alternative filter cartridge of other popular brand in the market.