KOMPBERG® BSDF45 Screw Compressor

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Product information "KOMPBERG® BSDF45 Screw Compressor "

All Our Compressors are equiped as Direct Drive

Drive 1:1 means that the Airend and motor are directly connected. This means that there are no transmission losses. BERG’s direct drive screw compressors deliver outstanding performance and make possible great savings in energy.
The drive motor and the air end in one-to-one drive series compressors are designed to operate at the same low speed. This enables the drive and compression units to be linked via a maintenance-free coupling which avoids the transmission losses with gear-driven units. our direct drive compressor reduces the number of components needed in comparison with gear drive, significantly increasing reliability and service life. Sound levels are also considerably lower. The airend in each KOMPBERG®️ BSD model is designed to specifically match air demand and ensures outstanding efficiency through the low-speed operation.


Technical Data of Screw Compressor KOMPBERG® BSDF45

Screw compressor with frequency converter BSDF 45
Overpressure [bar] - options 7,5 /10 /13
Variable capacity:  
Capacity min-max [m3/m] [ 7,5 bar ] 2.4 - 7.7
Capacity min-max [m3/m] [ 10 bar ] 2.5 - 7
Capacity min-max [m3/m] [ 13 bar ] 2 - 5.8
Dimension (LxWxH) [mm] 2000 x 1000 x 1640
Compressed air connection G 1 1/2
Weight [kg] 1100
Ambient temperature [°C] +5 - +40
Cooling air demand [m³/h] 7000
Compressed air temperature on the outlet [°C] approx.10 degrees above ambient temperature
Sound level L [dB(A)] 75
Power transmission system direct drive
Nominal motor power [kW] 45
Nominal fan motor power [kW] 1.5
Motor IP Code IP55
Feed voltage [V] 400
Recommended power feed cable [mm2 ] 3x50+PE
Protection fuse [A] 125

Technical Data Screw Compressor KOMPBERG® BSDF45 , PDF( Size: 210 KB )
Oil injected Screw Compressor Operation and Maintenance of KOMPBERG® ( Size: 3 MB )
Operating instructions of SINAMICS G120X inverter , PDF( Size: 14 MB )
PLC Manual with Electrical part KOMPBERG® BSD(F) , PDF( Size: 1 MB )
Spare parts and maintenance kit Screw Compressor KOMPBERG® BSD(F)45 (Size: 580 KB )


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