KOMPBERG®️ BKB22 TWIN Booster Compressor




Product number: 1491120311
Product information "KOMPBERG®️ BKB22 TWIN Booster Compressor "

Booster Compressor 22 TWIN Description

The compressor is intended for compressing air only. Its use to compress other gases requires prior agreement with machine manufacturer or vendor. Such agreement must be made in writing. The compressor may not be used for any purpose other than specified.


Technical Description Booster Compressor 22 TWIN

The KOMPBERG®️ series booster compressors are intended for boosting air pressure from 1.0-1.3 MPa (KOMPBERG®️ BKB22 TWIN) on the suction side, to 2.5-4.0 MPa on the pressure side. The booster is provided with an oil filter and end cooler.
Main components
The booster compressor comprises an oil piston compressor with “V” cylinder arrangement at 90° angle. The compressor is driven by an electric motor with a belt transmission. A common frame supports the compressor, motor and air end cooler with fans and filters.
The compressor 
It is a single-stage compressor with two cylinders, one-side action, with “V” cylinder arrangement at 90° angle.
The compressor has a tunelled iron cast crankcase. The crankcase bottom serves also as an oil sump with the oil suction filter built in. The oil filter is installed in the oil pump. 
Two cylinders with valves are mounted to the crankcase. The valves are held in place in their seats in the head with adjustment bolts through special thrust sleeves. The cylinders have special ribs to ensure efficient heat removal.
The crankshaft forged of increased impact-resistant steel is supported on two rolling bearings. On one side, the crankshaft is provided with a cone end for pulley mounting, whereas the other end drives the oil gear pump.
On a skin-hardened crank pin of the shaft, two connecting rods with thin-wall double-split bearing bushings are mounted.
There are no separate heads in the compressor, as the cylinder and head is a one-component iron cast. Both cylinders are linked with a common suction collector, at the inlet side, and with the air end cooler, at the outlet side.
 Electric motor 
The booster compressor is driven by a squirrel-cage, AC electric motor. The motor is designed for an intermittent run, for maximum 20 starts per hour. The compressor is driven by the motor via a belt transmission.
End cooler 
The cooler in the KOMPBERG®️ boosters is made of vertical ribbed steel tubes connected with horizontal collectors at the ends. The cooler has welded construction. In the upper cooler collectors, valves for draining condensate and a relief solenoid valve are provided. Air circulation in both solutions is forced by a fan driven by an electric motor.
Booster compressor frame 
The KOMPBERG®️ BKB22 TWIN booster frame, on which the motor and compressor are supported, is made of plate and seated on four shock absorbers.