KOMPBERG® BSDK5 Stationary Screw Compressor




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Manufacturer: BERG Kompressoren GmbH
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Product information "KOMPBERG® BSDK5 Stationary Screw Compressor "


We are using a large low speed air end for relative small compressors. The electric motor is directly coupled to the main air end rotor, which essentially reduces the maintenance cost, in contrast with the belt driven compressor or a compressor with gear box. Compressor output is controlled either by an on/off switch, depending on the pressure in the air chamber or by classic suction regulator with a new control system depending on the pressure level, or possibly by advanced continuous regulation of operation, which optimists the machine’s performance parameters in real time by smoothly changing revolutions depending on the volume of discharged compressed air.
Technical data "KOMPBERG® BSDK5 Stationary Screw Compressor "
Stationary Screw Compressor BSDK 5
Operation overpressure [bar] min-max 5 - 9
Free air delivery [m3/m] 0,8
Ambient temperature +5°C … +40°C
Voltage, Frequency 400 V / 50 Hz
Air end BERG B 100
Noise level [dB(a)] 64 - 69
Electric motor protection class IP 55‐F 
Weight receiver mounted [kg] 275
Dimensions receiver mounted (LxWxH) [mm] 1498 x 641 x 1245
Nominal motor power [kW] 5,5
Rated amps [A] 12,1 
Oil filling [I] 3,5
Oil content in compressed air [mg/m3] 2 - 4
Electric motor speed [min-1] 1455
Receiver [l] 270
Outlet [I] G 1/2"
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