BEKOMAT® 8, BEKO condensate drain




BEKOMAT® Voltage
Product number: 787.3
Manufacturer: BEKO Technologies GmbH
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Product information "BEKOMAT® 8, BEKO condensate drain "
BEKO condensate drain BEKOMAT® 8

For applications in large compressors

The complete housing of this BEKOMAT® condensate drain is made of cast stainless steel and is therefore designed for use in aggressive atmospheres, as well as for the discharge of condensates from special gas compression. They are mainly utilised in petroleum plants and refineries, in the petrochemical industry and in crude or mineral oil plants. These are the largest electronically level-controlled condensate drain systems available on the market and have been specially designed and built for these requirements.

BEKOMAT® 08 / 09: Condensate drain for large compressors in particular in refineries, petrochemicals, chemical industry and petroleum plants.
No loss of compressed air during draining
  • Low operating costs 
  • Outstanding reliability 
  • Durable and resistant to dirt 
  • Largevalve diameters prevent the formation of emulsions 
  • No delicate mechanical components 
  • Easy to install and virtually
  • Versatile connection options 
  • Fully-automated operation and monitoring 
  • Connection to modern system monitoring 
  • Automatic start of self-cleaning process based on dirt formation
Technical data "BEKOMAT® 8, BEKO condensate drain "
Compressor Capacity [m³/min] 9.360 - 14.400
Voltage 230 VAC / 50...60Hz
Operating pressure [bar] 0,5 ... 10
Temperature [°C] +1 to + 60
Condensate feed Flansch C50 x 60,3 DIN1092-1
Dimensions B x H [mm] 484 x 485
Application Oil-contaminated condensate / oil-free, often aggressive condensate / aggressive condensate from compressed gas compressors
TDS "BEKOMAT® 8, BEKO condensate drain "