Oil Check Indicator Replacement test tube BERG




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Product information "Oil Check Indicator Replacement test tube BERG"
Oil Check Indicator Replacement test tube BERG
Use of oil check indicator
To assess the compressed air temperature, an adapter (1) with an oil check indicator is mounted on the head of the filter/absorber. When the needle valve (3) is opened fully, a specific volumetric flow will pass through the detector tube (5). The oil residues in the compressed air cause the detector tube to turn red from the bottom upwards.

Important information :
1. The oil check unit is designed to allow measurement without danger to operating personnel. However, prior to measurement it must be checked that the detector tube connection (4) is firmly screwed on before opening the needle valve (3).
2. The unit incorporates a pressure reducer (2) upstream of the needle valve (3) to reduce the pressure at the detector tube to a maximum of 7 bar. With higher operating pressures, 7 bar should therefore always be used as the standard value for the determination of the oil content.
3. The usability period of the oil check indicator is limited by the measurement duration (several days or continuous in the case of low oil contamination) and the oil content of the compressed air. When the detector tube has turned red from bottom to top, it will need to be replaced: - Close needle valve (3) - undo threaded connection (4) - install new detector tube (5)
4. When the oil check indicator is used in areas with moist compressed air, a pink coloured section will appear above the red coloured section. This pink section should not be taken into account for the assessment of the oil load.
5. The oil check indicator must be mounted in a vertical position.

Technical Data of Oil Check Indicator

Oil Check Indicator BERG  
Air consumption 1.9 SCIM/PSIG (0.07 mL/s/kPa)
Max. temperature rating [°C] 49
Pressure range 10 - 125 PSIG
Oil concentration Range [mg/m3] 0 - 30
Accessory Oil indicator replacement cartridge
Mass [kg] 0.200

Oil Check Indicator Instructions for installation and operation  , PDF( Size: 332 KB )

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