DRYBERG®️ RF04/AC Refrigeration dryer

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Product information "DRYBERG®️ RF04/AC Refrigeration dryer "
Refrigeration dryer DRYBERG®️ RF04/AC equals to DRYPOINT®️ RA240/AC

Refrigerant leak!

A refrigerant leak involves the danger of serious injury and damage to the environment.
The DRYBERG® RF 01-16 compressed-air refrigeration dryer contains fluorinated greenhouse gas/refrigerant.
Installation, repair and maintenance works at the refrigeration system must only be carried out by certified skilled personnel (specialists). A certification in accordance with EC regulation 303/2008 must be available.
The requirements of the EC 842/2006 directive must be met under all circumstances. Please refer to the indications on the name plate as regards the type and amount of refrigerant. Comply with the following protective measures and rules of conduct:
• Storage: Keep the container tightly closed. Keep it in a cool and dry place. Protect it against heat and direct sunlight. Keep it away from ignition sources.
• Handling: Take measures against electrostatic charging. Ensure good ventilation/suction at the workplace. Check fittings, connections and ducts for tightness. Do not inhale the gas. Avoid contact with the eyes or the skin.
• Prior to carrying out works on refrigerant-carrying parts, remove the refrigerant to such an extent that safe working is possible.
• Do not eat, drink or smoke during work. Keep out of the reach of children.
• Breathing protection: ambient-air-independent respirator (at high concentrations).
• Eye protection: sealing goggles.
• Hand protection: protective gloves (e.g. made of leather).
• Personal protection: protective clothing.
• Skin protection: use protective cream.

Technical Data of Refrigeration dryer DRYBERG® RF04/AC equal to DRYPOINT® RA240/AC

Refrigeration dryer DRYBERG®️ RF04/AC
Volume flow (m3/h) at +3 °C 240
Power consumption (kW) 0,75
Pressure loss (Δp bar [g]) 0,20
Air connection (ø) G1 1/4 BSP-F
Dimensions AxBxC (mm) 825x485x455
Weight (kg) 50

In the case of divergent operating pressure: Divide volume flow by factor
bar (g) 4 5 6 7 8 10 12 14
Correction factor 0.77 0.86 0.93 1.00 1.05 1.14 1.21 1.27
In the case of divergent ambient temperature: Divide volume flow by factor
°C 25 30 35 40 45 50
Correction factor 1.00 0.96 0.91 0.85 0.76 0.64
In the case of divergent inlet temperature: Divide volume flow by factor
°C 25 30 35 40 45 50 55 60 65 70
Correction factor 1.27 1.21 1.00 0.84 0.70 0.57 0.48 0.42 Auf Anfrage
In the case of divergent pressure dew point: Divide volume flow by factor
°C 3 5 7 10
Correction factor 1.00 1.09 1.19 1.37

Manual DRYBERG®️ RF/AC, PDF( Size: 5 MB )


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