DRYBERG® ADP4000 Adsorption Dryer




Product number: 1400714000
Product information "DRYBERG® ADP4000 Adsorption Dryer "
Adsorption Dryer DRYBERG® ADP4000

Adsorption Air Dryer DRYBERG® ADP Control Panel

The heat regenerated adsorption dryers in the series ADP are equipped with a PLC type Siemens SIMATIC S7 1200 with 7” touch panel, providing easy access to status, settings, alarm messages and diagnosis information of the drying system. The access to the touch panel is characterized by an advanced user-friendly menu guidance. The panel shows the current operating status with all relevant operating parameters, such as operating pressure in each vessel, operating temperatures in the regeneration process and pressure dew point at the outlet of the system. Operating parameters can be adapted by authorized staff after entering a key to access the service menu. Several additional functions can be activated without the requirement for modification of the PLC program. For diagnostic purposes all alarm and warning messages occurred are listed and stored, accessible in the menu. Also trend curves of temperatures and dew point are available for the previous time period up to 24 hours.


Technical Data of heatless Adsorption compressed air dryer DRYBERG® ADP 

Capacity* [m3/h]  4000
Connection [inch] DN150
Dimensions (AxBxC) [mm] 2800x1990x2890
Weight [kg] 4800
Required PDP -40°C
Operating pressure [bar]
Inlet temperature [°C]
 Calculated at 1 bar (abs.) and 20°C at 7 bar g operating pressure and 35°C compressed air inlet temperature (saturated condition)
  Operating pressure (bar g)
  4 5 6 7 8 9 10
30 0,71 0,86 1 1,15 1,18 1,25 1,37
35 0,62 0,75 0,87 1 1,12 1,25 1,37
40 0,38 0,53 0,67 0,82 0,92 1,07 1,21
43 --- 0,33 0,45 0,54 0,61 0,72 0,80


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