Compressed Air Quality Monitoring
Continuous oil vapour measuring for your process safety
Oil contamination can affect compressed air processing systems in many different ways, posing a danger to the safety of workers, the environment and the production equipment. Monitoring systems such as the METPOINT OCV compact continuously control the compressed air accurately and according to applicable standards for the residual oil vapour concentration . You therefore retain the compressed air quality.

Advantages of the METPOINT OCV compact system

- Reproducible accuracy of the measurement values by utilising reference gas generation
- Automatic monitoring for the reference gas and sensor electronics
- Issuing and transferring of alarm signal messages
- Pressure range from 3 … 16 bar
- Online-monitoring for the oil vapour concentration
- Data transfer to display as standard feature and control centre with customary communication methods
- Unambiguous visualisation of all measurement values
- Flexible installation
- Robust industrial housing
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