BEKOMAT® 20 FM, BEKO condensate drain




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Product information "BEKOMAT® 20 FM, BEKO condensate drain "
BEKO condensate drain BEKOMAT® 20 FM

BEKOMAT® 20 | 20FM for Filters and water separators

The BEKOMAT® 20 FM with integrated filter management (filter status time display and filter status control) is a cost-effective monitoring solution for the connected filter element. It is designed as a robust condensate drain for water separators, filters or similar applications and can be used both in systems with oil-lubricated as well as with oil-free compressors. The plastic housing of the BEKOMAT 20 FM is equipped with an internal aluminum condensate container. The front panel is visible and can be operated from the top and the front.

Technical data of BEKOMAT® 20 FM

Max. compressor performance [m³/min] 4
Max. dryer performance [m³/min] 8
Max. filter performance [m3/min] 40
Voltage 230VAC / 50-60Hz
Operating pressure [bar] 0,8 - 16
Temperature [°C] +1 bis + 60
Condensate feed 1 x G 1/2 , 1 x G 3/4
Condensate drain DN 8-10 bzw. G 1/4i
Dimensions B x T x H [mm] 140 x 72 x 140
Weight [kg] ca. 0,7

There are difference between BEKOMAT 20 and BEKOMAT 20 FM.

The main difference between the two lies in their functionality. BEKOMAT 20 is a standard condensate drain unit that is designed to efficiently remove condensate from compressed air systems. It operates based on demand, activating only when condensate needs to be drained, thus helping to save energy and maintain system performance. On the other hand, BEKOMAT 20 FM is a more advanced version of the BEKOMAT 20 with additional features. The "FM" in BEKOMAT 20 FM stands for "Fully Modular," indicating that this model offers modular components that can be customized to suit specific requirements. This allows for greater flexibility in installation and operation, making it ideal for more complex or specialized applications. In summary, while both BEKOMAT 20 and BEKOMAT 20 FM serve the purpose of condensate drainage in compressed air systems, BEKOMAT 20 FM offers enhanced customization options and flexibility due to its fully modular design.

Technical Data BEKOMAT® 20 FM , PDF( Size: 103 MB )
BEKOMAT® 20 FM data sheets , PDF( Size: 330 KB )