Dew point measurement and humidity measurement

Pressure Dew Point
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Pressure Dew Point meters and measurement tools for compressed air and gases

Pressure Dew Point measurement Technology for determining the dew point measurement in compressed air and gas is the choice of the correct measuring device.

For the efficient treatment of your compressed air, you need to know its dew point, pressure, flow and temperature. Accurate measurements, automatic detection of exceedances and comprehensive data analysis are indispensable for proper quality control.

Make quality visible – by recording it
The METPOINT® BDL data logger bundles all functions for effective quality control and energy management in a single device that captures all key parameters for compressed air processing. It converts them to user-friendly statistics and charts. You can therefore monitor the performance of your system in real time and take action when needed. The METPOINT® BDL data logger can be run as a stand-alone solution or integrated into an existing system. Thanks to its modular design, our device can be upgraded and retrofitted at any time to meet changing requirements. The data logger can be customised to suit your specific plant! With the METPOINT® BDL, you have all data you need at your fingertips.
The METPOINT® BDL data logger serves as a central signal processing unit for the visualisation of all relevant compressed air parameters, by generating user-friendly statistics and charts. One instrument caters for all your data recording and monitoring needs.


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