Compressed air leakage detection

leakage Detection - sensor technology

Measuring devices for leak detection and calculation

Are you aware that leakage drives up the energy costs in production? However, leaks often remain undetected for long periods, as they are invisible and make no noise. Such undetected leaks become real cost drivers. Detecting them helps save money.
Using modern ultrasound technology, the mobile leakage Detection METPOINT® LKD leak detector locates even minute leaks in your system. You can achieve maximum cost savings at minimum expense. The leakage Detection METPOINT® LKD makes sure that your production processes are environmentally friendly and run at the highest energy efficiency level, ensuring the long-term profitability of your business.

leakage Detection Functional principle:
Leaks are points in the compressed air system where air can escape. As this results in a pressure drop, more energy is needed to keep the pressure in your system at the required level. Leaks generally occur in
lines, connections, maintenance components and quick-release couplings far away from the compressor.
As compressed air escapes, the gas molecules cause friction along the piping wall. This friction in turn generates a noise in the ultrasonic frequency range. The leakage Detection METPOINT® LKD detects this noise and converts it
into audible and visual signals. As it only picks up noise within the gas leak frequency range, the device allows for accurate detection even in noisy environments.


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