Flow meter for consumption measurement

Flow Meter - sensor technology

Proven flow meters and flow measurement devices for compressed air and gas

finding the correct flow meter and flow measurement equipment that fits to your individual needs.

Sensor technology from BEKO TECHNOLOGIES enables you to accurately measure all relevant parameters at critical flow points in your compressed air system. This information is indispensable for users who want to save energy and minimise costs.
To evaluate whether your current production can be further optimised, you need accurate, up-to-date figures regarding compressed air volume flow rates and consumption volumes. These parameters can be monitored by the METPOINT ® FLM sensor, this device provides you with the data you need for intelligent energy management. Identify potential savings, overloads and weak points in your system to improve its efficiency. By measuring the actual flow to the various production units, you are in a position to make decisions based on facts. At the same time, the Flow Meter METPOINT® FLM lets you
know whether there are any leaks in your system. The Flow Meter METPOINT® FLM thus provides you with all the information you need to dimension and modify your system and its components for improved efficiency.

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