refrigeration and adsorption compressed air dryers

Compressed Air Dryers

DRYBERG®, Compressed Air Dryer with high energy efficiency

The optimum compressed air and gas treatment solution can only be achieved by the application of a complete treatment network. BERG offers an extensive range of solutions which, by working together in perfect harmony, ensure that your compressed air will be perfectly free of condensate, oil and other impurities. 

Compressed Air Filters

Highly efficient compressed air filtration

PUREBERG® filter housings were developed for the highly efficient removal of solid particles, water, oil aerosols, hydrocarbons, odors from compressed air systems. To achieve the required compressed air quality according to ISO 8573-1, a suitable filter element (G, F, S, A) must be installed in the filter housing. BERG filter technology guarantees low operating costs, long service life, excellent process reliability, and reliable filtration.

How do I choose an air dryer?
To choose the right air dryer, you need to know the maximum flow rate, pressure and inlet air temperature. In addition, you should have enough information about the ambient air temperature, dew point of the desired pressure and installation requirements such as suitable space and water and electricity required.

What are the types of air dryers? The three main types of compressed air dryers in industry and medical applications are:
• Refrigerated dryers - DRYBERG® RF/AC
• Membrane air dryers -
• Desiccant or adsorption dryers - DRYBERG®️ AD / AD-CT

What is ISO 8573 1?
ISO 8573-1: 2010 is a set of 9 separate international standards for compressed air quality (or purity), Section 1 sets out compressed air quality requirements and Sections 2 to 9 specify test methods for a wide range of pollutants.
Quality class Solid particle content Water content
  Max. size mu Amount g/m³
1 0.1 0.003
2 1 0.11
3 5 0.88