Booster compressor , KOMPBERG BKB

Booster compressor , KOMPBERG BKB

Booster compressor Description

The compressor is intended for compressing air only. Its use to compress other gases requires prior agreement with machine manufacturer or vendor. Such agreement must be made in writing. The compressor may not be used for any purpose other than specified.

While operating the compressor:
  • Observe the instructions provided in the Manual and Warranty Book.
  • Technical and operating checks should be performed by the manufacturer or authorised service, using the manufacturer’s parts and consumables.
  • During the warranty period, use only manufacturer’s parts and consumables.

Basic requirements for safe transport and positioning of the boosters 

In addition to the general H&S and Technical Supervision regulations, the following rules must be observed:
  • Use only H&S compliant and approved by the Technical Supervision lifting equipment to lift the compressor. Fix in place all rotating or loose parts of the machine before lifting it. It is strictly forbidden to stand in the hazardous range of the lift operation. Machine movement can be accelerated or slowed down only within applicable limits.
  • The compressor is transported on wooden pallets which should be secured against movement during transport. Fasten the compressor frame with cargo straps to appropriate holders on the vehicle platform to prevent it from sliding or overturning.
  • All screw and pipe connections should be of appropriate size and designed for a given operating pressure.
  • The compressor is not designed to operate outdoors.
  • The compressor should be installed in a closed room, in cool and clean ambient air. Never block air flow to and from the room. Ensure sufficient flow of cooling air and extraction of heated air out of the room.
  • The air sucked in should contain no vapours or flammable gases, e.g. paint thinners, that might cause internal fire.
  • There can be no objects close to the air inlet that could be sucked in with a jet of air.
  • The pressure conduit connecting the compressor with the compressed air line should allow free expansion due to generated heat. It may not touch hot objects or combustible materials.

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Technical data Booster compressor KOMPBERG BKB

Model Capacity [m3/h]
Suction pressure
Compressed air connection Electric power Compressor
rotational speed
Dimension Weight
10 bar 13 bar   [kW] [Rpm] [mm] [kg]
BKB 22 300 330 G 3/4 22 900 1335 x 875 x 850 495
BKB 22 Twin 600 660 G 1 1/4 2 x 22 900 1607x851x1955