Different types of air compressors

Air Compressors

All our compressors are equipped as Direct Drive and High energy efficiency Design

Direct Drive 1:1 means that the Airend and the engine are directly connected. This means that no transmission losses occur. BERG's direct drive screw compressors deliver outstanding performance and great energy savings. As a result, the drive and compression units can be connected via a maintenance-free coupling, which avoids the transmission losses in the gear units. The 1:1 drive reduces the number of components required compared to the gear drive. Sound levels are thus significantly lower. The air end in each BSD model is specially tuned to the air requirement and ensures excellent low-speed business efficiency.  

KOMPBERG consists of the comprehensive compressor:

KOMPBERG ZXF is an oil-free screw compressor with an air-cooled system with an output of 55 kW to 132 kW and KOMPBERG ZWF is an oil-free screw compressor with a water-cooled system. They are one of the best of BERG Kompressoren.
KOMPBERG BSD as a direct drive screw compressor from 5 kW - 250 kW, KOMPBERG BSDF direct drive screw compressor with inverter, which saves 38% more energy with a range of 11 kW - 250 kW as well.
KOMPBERG BKB as a high-pressure piston compressor with 22 kW or its twin version with double 22kW use mostly for PET application and finally the KOMPBERG BPD as high qouality portable diesel compressor - MOBILAIR - with a total capacity of 4 m3 / min - 24.8 m3 / min, which are really competitive on the market.