Air Compressor

All our Screw air compressors are equipped with direct drive and high energy efficiency

Welcome to BERG Kompressoren GmbH, your leading compressor manufacturer. You can buy the ideal compressed air compressor from us, whether screw compressors, oil-free compressors or booster compressors. Our products offer high energy efficiency and reliability, ideal for a wide range of applications, from industry to specialized areas such as nitrogen and oxygen production. If you want to buy an air compressor, you have come to the right place. Discover our range and find the right compressor for compressed air.

With our direct drive 1:1 compressors, the compressor stage and motor are directly connected to each other. This means there are no transmission losses. BERG's direct drive screw compressors offer excellent performance and great energy savings. The 1:1 drive reduces the number of components required compared to the gear drive. The sound level is therefore significantly lower. The air end in each BSDF model is specifically designed to meet air requirements, ensuring excellent operating efficiency.

KOMPBERG consists of the comprehensive air compressor:

KOMPBERG®️ BSDF direct drive screw compressor with inverter, which saves 38% more energy with a range of 11 kW - 250 kW as well, They are one of the best of BERG Kompressoren. 

KOMPBERG®️ ZXF is an oil-free screw compressor with an air-cooled system with an output of 55 kW to 160 kW and KOMPBERG®️ ZWF is an oil-free screw compressor with a water-cooled system. also we have KOMPBERG® ZS  series as small scroll oil-free compressors.
KOMPBERG®️ BKB as a high-pressure piston compressor with maximum outlet pressure from 40bar up to 300bar for special application and they able to use for variety of application in air, Nitrogen or even Oxygen.
KOMPBERG®️ Screw compressors from BERG KOMPRESSOREN GmbH are a popular choice for compressed air production in various industrial applications due to several advantages over other methods of air compression; 
  1. Energy Efficiency: our KOMPBERG®️ are known for their energy efficiency. They often have higher isentropic efficiency and can maintain high levels of efficiency across a broad range of operating conditions. This results in lower energy consumption and reduced operational costs. 
  2. Continuous Operation: BERG compressors are designed for continuous operation, making them suitable for applications that require a constant and uninterrupted supply of compressed air. 
  3. High Volume Flow Rates: KOMPBERG®️ from BERG Kompressoren GmbH can handle high volume flow rates, making them well-suited for applications that demand large amounts of compressed air. 
  4. Low Maintenance: KOMPBERG®️ typically have fewer moving parts than other compressor types, reducing the maintenance requirements. They are robust and have longer service intervals, which translates to cost savings and less downtime. 
  5. Compact Design: KOMPBERG®️ have a compact design, allowing for space-saving installation. This is particularly beneficial when space is limited in industrial facilities. 
  6. Better Control: all our KOMPBERG®️ are often equipped with advanced control systems that allow for precise adjustments of pressure and output, optimizing their performance and energy efficiency. 
  7. Reliability: BERG Screw compressors are known for their reliability and durability, which is essential in critical industrial processes. 
  8. Oil-Free Options: Oil-injected and oil-free screw compressors are available, allowing industries to choose the most appropriate type based on their air quality requirements. Oil-free screw compressors are essential in applications where air quality is critical, such as pharmaceuticals and food processing. 
  9. Low Noise Levels: Modern screw compressors are designed to operate with lower noise levels, making them suitable for installation in noise-sensitive environments.